Relationship Counselling

I offer therapy to two people to explore their relationship in a safe and confidential space. This is available to any two people regardless of gender and sexuality.

You do not have to be a 'couple' to benefit from therapy with me. Together we explore the dynamic between you. This includes loving couples, friendships, family relations, work colleagues, business partners, etc.

Often we bring unconscious expectations to our relationships. Maybe we are trying to emulate other relationships that we perceive to be successfuI, or we may be attempting to recreate a past relationship in order to repair it in some way. We may find ourselves stuck in destructive cycles with seemingly no way out.

In relationship therapy we explore the 'dance' that happens between you. We will look at the buttons that you press in each other and how you each react to the other. I will encourage you to really listen to each other openly, honestly and without judgement. Both parties must be willing to engage in the process.


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