Coaching with me provides a space to explore what you really want out of life and helps you take steps to get there. Your goal might be to make a one-off change, like how to deal with a situation at work, or may be more fundamental, like challenging the way you see yourself in the world. Whatever your goal, I will encourage you to be true to your values and to understand that you have choices. Together we will explore these choices and I will support you in finding the best way forward. I won’t tell you what to do but help you find the solution that is best for you.

My approach stems from a belief that we are all unique and experience the world in a unique way. We are free to choose the life we want. Making a balanced choice is about weighing up the benefits with the consequences of our choices.

My role is to support you in accessing your inner resources to facilitate meaningful change. Often we put up barriers to getting the things we really want out of life. We may do this to protect ourselves from feelings of failure or maybe we believe that we don’t deserve such a great life. Whatever the reason, Coaching encourages you to face these barriers with courage, compassion, honesty and understanding.

Whether you are embarking on a career change, setting up in business, going through a major life change, or you just want to explore who you are, coaching can help you to put things into perspective and find a way forward.

Coaching sessions are typically for 90 minutes once a month. Timings are flexible and we will work around your specific needs. Sessions can be face-to-face, over Skype or a combination of both. We will agree a fixed number of sessions at the beginning of our contract and review if necessary.

What others say:
“I now feel unstuck and more able to move forward under my own steam. Coaching gave me the focus and success to carry on making changes.” TD

“I was somehow steered through exploring issues without feeling steered! It was very worthwhile. Very positive.” AM

“Richard helped me re-think and better understand my life.” CM

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